Three countries virtual bike tour
11. May, 2021

Three countries virtual biking tour

Starting on May 15th
Join us on a three countries virtual bike tour! We will explore Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Sive deep in to the cultural mix o the people sharing a small part of the Adriatic coastline. Starting on May 15th, team Private guide SLovenia will take you on a two week bike trip. We will follow the “Route of firendship and health”, locally better known as Parenzana.

While your guides will be active, they invite you to do the same at home, information about the daily mileage is provided. Sit on a bike and explore your area. We also have a lot of fun educational content ready, that will be provided in small daily doses. Saounds intrgiung? Keep reading!

Bread and honey, the most traditional breakfast in Slovenia

After a successful Virtual pilgrimage through Slovenia back in March 2021, we decided to join forces with our colleague Chris Coleman from again. Th for this experience to be as rewarding as it can. The tours Chris put together in the past were a great success and we plan to continue in this fashion. The new project will allow you to travel virtually through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. We promisse to give our best for this expereience to be as rewarding as possible.

So when do we go? We`ll hop on our bikes on May 15th. We will be hapy if you join along!

The plan of this adventure is to follow the Parenzana, an ex railway converted in to a bike route. We will start in Trieste, Italy, one of the largest ports on the Adriatic. It is a fascinating city for a stroll, have a cup of coffee in the famous bars or grab a gelato on the way.
Fuled up on gelato and coffee we will continue along the entire lenght of the Slovenian coastline. We will need the energy, as the coast line is all of 28 miles long. The area is packed with fun and interesting stuff.
After exploring the salt pans of Piran, established in 1278 we will cross the border in to Croatia and discover the entire Istrinan Peninsila. From enchanting hilltop towns of Grožnjan and Motovin , to lovely villages along our route, to romantic coastal towns of Poreč and Rovinj. The Parenzana officialy ended on Poreč, but we decided not to. We will cary on with our travel, all the way do the southern tip of Istria, there we will visit a treasure called Pula. The former Roman city with one of the best preserved amphitheaters in this part of Europe.
Along with all the amazing locations we will show you on this vojage, we will also intruduce you to some hardowrking locals, great food and interesting wines.

Rovinj, nicknamed the Venice of Istria

You will be able to enjoy three live streams from really nice and interesting locations, the days between will be filled with superb content that will not just equipe you with knowledge, but also teach you about culture, nature, history, gastronomy, traditions and more…

We are very excided about this adventure. We hope you will join us. It is a simple as klicking on this link: Three countries virtual biking tour

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