Daffodils on Mt. Golica
10. May, 2018

Daffodils Awaken on Mt. Golica

Perfect getaway from busy tourist attractions
If you want to avoid queues to enter the Bled Castle or to have to wait before another Pletna Boat arrives, we have something for you to see. If you have had enough of walking through the Old Town of Ljubljana, then again we have a place for you to visit. Each spring, the mountainsides above the industrial town of Jesenice turn almost completely snow-white. Something splendid happens and it is not late snow storm. The meadows on the slopes of Mt. Golica, a mountain on the border with Austria, blossom in rich wild flowers. The most aspiring and dominant are white narcissi.
Narcissi – wild-growing daffodils are protected-by-law flowers, particularly known in the area north to Bled. A 20 minutes detour from Bled or 1 hour drive from Ljubljana and you can enjoy the most unique experience of wild flowers natural site in this part of Slovenia. Local dialect has a completely unique name for the flowers – “ključavnice”, which translates to “locks”.
A legend has it God became angry when he saw that bees were collecting nectar on Sundays. Therefore, he installed locks on the narcissi flowers that prevented the bees from accessing the nectar on that day, and hence the name.
Despite the fact the number of narcissi has been dramatically decreasing, especially since the way of farming has changed in a course of last few decades, many pastures are still untouched and rich in number of daffodils.
To find narcissi covered pastures you head to one of the three settlements above Jesenice – Planina pod Golico, Plavški Rovt or Javorniški Rovt (see image above). Each of these three settlements is easy accessible with the car. Once you park your vehicle, you head towards the most remote pastures, find an off beaten path and we assure, you will be rewarded with the beautiful scenic views. If you wish to stay on the safe side, then just follow marked paths and we are sure the views will not be any less comforting. Along the way you find signs urging visitors not to pick the flowers. Please resist the temptation and don’t “just take one as souvenir”.
Since the window of opportunity to see narcissi blossom is small, from second half of April to the first half of May, you need to plan your visit wisely. This is at least a half-day trip, but you can easily spend entire day, walking and biking around. Golica and other mountains in the Karawanke Mountain Range are perfect for hiking, while the town of Jesenice down in the valley displays long and rich tradition of ore mining and iron and steal production for which is best known.
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