Beloved Ljubljana
23. September, 2018

Beloved. Ljubljana.

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Slovenian Capital City. Ljubljana. One of the possible explanation for the city’s name derives from a noun – “ljubljena”, which means beloved.
A capital city with only a few hundred thousand residents. A capital city of one of the youngest European countries. A capital city with very special charm. And very clean city. Very tourist-friendly city. A city that has been awarded the Green Capital of Europe achievement in 2016. A city that you just can not overlook on your travel through this part of Europe. So make sure you tick Ljubljana off on your bucket list next time (if you have not yet, of course) you are around here. Many word describing Ljubljana have been written. Probably even more photos promoting Ljubljana have been published. But nevertheless, we would like to share some more in the gallery below and persuade you to spend a day or two in what a mayor of Ljubljana call it “the most beautiful city in the world”. What do you think?
Ljubljana from Ribja brv Bridge | Photo by Ervin Crnović
National University Library, a work of Jože Plečnik | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Congress Square w/ Castle Hill | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Salzburg-like quarter of Ljubljana | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Flower market w/ Triple Bridge (Architect Jože Plečnik) | Photo by Ervin Crnović
The Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers w/ Church of St. Nicholas | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Cobbler’s Bridge (Architect Jože Plečnik)| Photo by Ervin Crnović
Ljubljana Castle from the boat | Photo by Ervin Crnović
A well-known “Red Church” (of Franciscan order) | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Let’s meet under Prešeren (still unsurpassed Slovenian poet) | Photo by Ervin Crnović
One of many eateries of Ljubljana| Photo by Ervin Crnović
Ljubljanica River w/ Castle Hill | Photo by Ervin Crnović
A unique way to plant your flowers | Photo by Ervin Crnović
Decorative elements w/ hidden symbolism | Photo by Ervin Crnović
This is part one of the blog post. More photos will be published in next blog – keep an eye on our page to be up to date.
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